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Coconuts/ Products

Whole Green Coconuts

Fruity and refreshing coconut water inside the Cocos. The young coconuts have more water and tender coconut meat. The more mature coconuts have slightly less water and more crunchy coconut meat. 

Green young Coco
Orange King Coconuts

Our Orange King coconuts are organically grown in Florida. They are native to Sri Lanka, where it is abundant and part of their culture.  King coconuts have light and very nutritious coconut water. The water contains less sugar than Green Coconuts, is well balanced, and is even considered medicinal. 

orange king coco.jpg
Peeled Young Coconuts
Man drinking Young coconut
Peeled Mature Coconuts
Brown mature Coconuts
Coconut Srpouts
Sprouted Coconut .jpg
Bottled Coconut Water 
Raw Coconut Water .jpeg
Tropical Fruits
Papaya raw Exotic tropical fruits on
Coconut Cups
Coconut Cups
Coconut opening Tools
Coconut Tool.jpeg



Our goal is to provide you with the best quality coconuts available, while supporting the environment. Healthy soil and trees make delicious coconuts!



Our coconuts are grown and picked in South Florida, USA. Our coconuts are 100% organic. Rich with vitamins and nutrients, coconuts are great for attaining and maintaining health!




Miami Coconuts

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