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Amazing Coconut Sprout, Superfood, Fiber, Vitamins & Enzymes -Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, Powerful Ingredient - 5 POTENT SPROUTS (dehusked)

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One box of 5 Sprouted, Delicious Coconut Sprouts 

What's the big deal with this superfood?

Coconut sprouts have become ahuge deal in the healthy food community. The sprouts are rare and availableonly at a specific time, but they more than make up for their rare availabilitywith their amazing nutritional benefits! So what are coconut sprouts? How doyou use them?

The Process

After a coconut falls from atree, it will settle into the earth. Under the right conditions the coconut meat and water inside will start to ferment and begin forming into a sprout. Wait a few months and the coconut beginsto sprout into a new tree. Usually, it takes about 4 years before thesprout matures into a full-fledged tree, but in order to reap the benefits of acoconut sprout it must be consumed in it's early stage. Don't worry for each sprout you eat we plant many more.

Thesprouts are covered with a large brown husk that should be peeled away toreveal the coconut shell. Protruding from the side of the coconut should be a smallgreen shoot.

How to open and use.

Take the coconut and tap itlightly with a hammer or the backbone of a chef knife (not the sharp edge) around the equator. Once broken open, the spongy white meat willshow. The meat should be sweet like angel food cake and have a sponge like texture. Sometimes the sponge can taste slightly salty or bitter. This is due to the natural process that occurred inside the coconut. Always rinse the sponge before eating and if you do not like the taste of the skin, then peel it off with a peeler or knife.

Coconut sprouts There areplenty of ways to use the meat. Slice thin pieces to use as delicious desserttoppings or take out large chunks to mix into your dishes or to eat plainly. Youcan even make coconut sprout cookies! The edges that surround the meat are fairlyoily making them great to cook with. You can mix the sprouts in your salads orwith other fruit. Sprouts pair well with tomatoes and cucumbers too. Hawaiianscall coconut sprout meat the “queen’s bread” due to its elegant nature andrarity. It has also been referred to asthe “coconut apple” due to the similar shape and size the meat takes whencompared to an apple.

The Good Stuff (Nutrition)! Health!

Sprouted coconuts contain themost nutrients a week after the initial sprouting begins. The meat is rich in omega 3 fattyacids and potassium helping to reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure.Sprouts are also low in calories and high in fiber, so you can eat a smallportion and still feel full! This can help reduce late night snacking orovereating in general. In addition, sprouts contain Vitamins A and C, which canboost your immune system and fight off infections or disease. By includingsprouts in your diet, you can improve your digestion and absorption ofnutrients and minerals. Sprouts have been known to even improve insulinsecretion, which means that sprouts are a great inclusion in the diets ofdiabetics. Finally, sprouts contain a high consistency of protein making them afantastic replacement for other, less healthy sources of protein.

Shelf Life: Refrigerate immediately after receiving

Keep Refrigerated Only = 1 Week

Frozen = sealed bag without air - 4 months

Quick Coconut Health Benefits

  • Increases Heart Health
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Burns Fat Faster
  • Balances Your Blood Sugar
  • Helps In Weight Loss
  • Great For Maintaining and Improving Skin
  • Cured Bad Hang Overs
  • Keeps You Hydrated
  • Supplies You With Energy
  • Helps Dissolve Kidney Stones
  • Alkaline Properties
  • Battle Cancer And Other Diseases
  • May Cause Happiness and Smiles
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