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Young Coconut Tree - 3-4 feet

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Live coconut tree (3-4 feet tall) - Shipped to your door!

These coconut trees make great outdoor plants to shade your yard and many more benefits. Once the trees are adults and under the right environmental conditions, the trees will fruit fresh coconuts you can enjoy!

  • Varietal: Malayan Dwarf Green, can grow up to 30-40 Ft Tall.
  • Florida Grown.
  • Comes in a pot with soil and nutrients.
  • Professional installation available in South Florida
  • Coconut palms love palm food, water, and good draining soil conditions.
  • Pluck fresh coconuts right from your yard and enjoy, when the tree starts fruiting! 

Indoor Planting

  • Keep plant near maximum sunlight
  • Healthy Temperatures: 70° F or warmer.
  • Soil: High quality potting mix. Add some sand to the mix (about 20%). Add scoops of natural outdoor dirt to the mix. 
  • Pot: Large 20 gallon
  • This tree will not survive in cold weather states with temperatures below 50degrees F. 


1 coconut tree 3-4 feet

1 Pot with Dirt (enough to keep plant alive during shipping)

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